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What our clients say

“It takes the research to a different level; it’s insights on steroids!”


Founder and CEO, Thought Research

August 3, 2020, Tom was a client of Richard’s



Every client side researcher has a favourite project. It's the project they are most proud of. Mine involved ZMET. We had developed a segmentation to rule them all, and we needed a way to go beyond the ordinary. We needed to really bring each segment to life to win over key stakeholders. ZMET provided the solution. The outputs surprised us all. It became the stuff of legend.


Richard ran the project, and he did so with passion and aplomb.

I've known Richard for several years now. He is an experienced professional. He knows his stuff. And he is great to work with. I would advise anyone not familiar with ZMET to have a good look at it. It is an extraordinarily effective approach to qualitative research, and it is a tool for this time. Richard is the foremost ZMET practitioner in the UK. You should call him if you want to go beyond ordinary. 

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Emma Woodley

Founder of Truth be Gold

August 18, 2020, Emma was a client of Richard’s



Richard is a great expert in the field of deep metaphors and the ZMET methodology. We have worked on several ZMET projects over the last 20 years, while at Dixons Stores Group, Pizza Hut and KFC. His use of this methodology has given the deep insight that all the brands needed to move forward in their respective categories.


He is a calm and empathic moderator who skilfully guides the respondents through the ZMET approach but is a great to strategic mind to work with on the outputs. He has shown the brands I was working on how they can apply these deep subconscious insights
in the real world for commercial advantage. Richard introduced
me to the world of deep metaphors and the insight power you
can derive from them, and I haven't looked back.

I can't recommend Richard highly enough.

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Cherisse Lezama-Wagner

Principal at CQuebed Consulting

August 7, 2020, Cherisse was a client of Richard’s


We brought Richard and his team in on a project with an
extremely tight timeline and with big objectives to accomplish.
Because our business was in an urgent situation, we pushed the team with quick deadlines, lots of touch bases and a report due during the holidays. Richard delivered above and beyond expectations. Richard handled the whole process with patience and relentless determination to deliver excellence!


The ZMET work was integral in adding clarity and depth to
our positioning research. The ZMET metaphor work interlocked
so perfectly with the quantitative positioning that we could immediately begin to action off of the research. That dedication
to delivering exceptional work helped to start a turn around in
our business metrics. I would definitely spend my money
with Richard and team any day!

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